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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Steamed Beef Cheese Burgers

I love a homemade ole fashion cheese hamburger that has a greased toasted Bun. When I bite into it is so juicy, the meat juicy run down the sides of your hands.If you don’t care about juiciness, you shouldn’t be eating a hamburger.

Did you know topping can make a hamburger to soggy and wet so try and eat it without few toppings. Like lettuce and tomatoes turn into water when hot meat touch .you can really taste and enjoy a meaty cheese burger without all of those extra topping.

Let me share this, In order to get a juicy hamburger...It's all about the meat! yes and how you cook that meat play a big part. If you griddle or grill it or even pan fry it you can still get a juicy burger.But If you steam it that is total another way too have a juicy hamburger.

Tip How to eat a big hamburger: Take a big bite, then squeeze the burger rhythmically.

Choosing Beef for Burgers....

After trying different combinations of beef , I've found that chuck make the best burgers. chuck provide that beefy flavor. ground meat that contains at least 20% fat; anything less will certainly dry out over the high dry heat of the grill.

You can buy a chuck roast and get it ground up for your hamburgers

If You did not know,,, this what a roast become with you ground it up for hamburger

Steamed Hamburger Recipe:

3 pounds ground chuck
Salt and Pepper to your liking
2 eggs beat
1/2 cup water

Mix all together and form patties
Adding them in a pan and brown

Adding  1/4 cup water and cover on very low heat for 10 mins. do not mash them down all the juicy with ran out.

Before taking them out remove the top and place the cheese on top and let stand for 5 mins.If you like onions try onions buns

Start building your hamburger adding what ever you like, I like bacon and extra sharp cheddar cheese no "catsup" on onion buns.

How to toast your Buns: spread a little veggie oil on your buns and lay them in a pan and just grill until golden brown.