Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Black Eye Peas

Tell me who don't love Black Eye Peas and cornbread??? Well I know>>> I do and I always like mine a little spicy. Let me share something with you...I have a friend who love them but she can't cook them too well.

When she buy the dry black eye peas in the package, they always get too soft . I came up with this recipe I am posting today.

My friend was happy, when I help her with the peas and I believe you will be too.


6 cans Black eye peas. I always uses kroger,they never let me down.

 1 pound smoke raw bacon
Cook bacon and keep dripping...please don't burn the bacon and the dripping.

Adding to a pot 6 cans of water, 6 cans of peas and cooked bacon broken in pieces and adding a large chopped onion (red bell pepper if you like) or 1 green hot pepper.

Salt and Black Pepper to taste
Cover and cook on low med heat for 40 mins.