Monday, April 7, 2014

Collard Greens

I love these two greens beauty together.Collard and Cabbage. Season just right with the right spice and not over cooked just the right texture.That's what it is all about in the home cooking in the south.Simple and easy with a great big smile.

2 bunch collard greens

1 head green cabbage

ham ends pieces ( your taste amount)

Salt and pepper to your taste

6 Tablespoon canola oil

Dash of red crushed pepper

Wash the greens then remove the collard leaves from the thick stems.

Cut the collard in strips

Slice the cabbage and discard the hard center/core.

Heat oil in large pot adding your smoked meat pieces cook until meat is brown.add enough water to cover meat and collard and boil about an hour on med heat.

Pour out most of the collard green juicy leaving almost none.

Adding the cabbage on top of cooked collard greens

At this point you can add hot green peppers,onions more seasons and canola oil to make them shiny.

Steaming the cabbage on top of collard about 10 min or less.

( Remember Greens carry a lot of water so when the Collard and Cabbage are done pour out all the juice).