Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Green Beans And Red Potatoes

Green Beans and Potatoes: will carry two veggies to your dinner table.serving with meat, fish or lamb. if you don't eat meat just serve with a nice piece of bread and a light dessert.

I like to cook fresh green beans and adding those red potatoes to them. you can also used the can green beans but sometime the can have that can taste.

I love planting a garden every summer. I never planted green beans. well, I decided to plant green beans one I started together the ready veggies, never seen my green beans bearing. the green beans plants had nice bright leaves and no green beans.

I was out one day my daughters and I was just outside have a picnic laying on the ground on a blanket. my oldest daughter saw the green beans hang down from the vines.There was lots and lots of them.hanging under the leaves.

Two pounds fresh green beans

2 pound small red potatoes.

1/2 cup bacon dripping

Salt and pepper to taste

Adding Garlic Flakes and Onion flakes

Cutting Potatoes in fourth rubbing two tablespoon bacon dripping and salt and pepper to taste placing in a hot oven 375 until tender, after dashing the potatoes with garlic flakes and onion your liking

Saute green bean in a pan with the bacon dripping until tender salt and pepper to taste
blend red potatoes and green beans.If you like you can add garlic flakes and onion flakes.