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Ice Cream Pie

Pumpkin Mousse Parfaits

New York Style Cheese Cake (Martha Stewart Living)



Pumpkin Cheese Cake

Let try something else for that Thanksgiving Dessert. A Pumpkin Cheese cake will go very well and no worry about the dark round circle on the Pumpkin Pie.Pumpkin is a must for Thanksgiving so let's put it on the table and serve it proudly.


 How to make Graham Cracker Crust


Making a graham cracker crust is so simple and quick that there is hardly ever a reason to buy store-bought. Just crush the crackers into crumbs, mix with melted butter, and bake. No fuss, no muss! You can even freeze the baked crusts so you have one on-hand for those times when you don't want to heat up the kitchen.

 Graham Cracker Crust
Graham Gracker Crust

Makes one 9-inch pie crust

What You Need

1 3/4 graham crackers
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1 stick butter
3 tablespoon brown sugar
Food processor OR a rolling pin and a plastic bag
9-inch spring pan


1. Crumble the Graham Crackers: Break up the crackers and place them in the bowl of a food processor along with the sugar, if using. Pulse to break the crackers further and then process continuously until the crackers are crushed into fine crumbs. Alternatively, place all the crackers in a plastic bag and crush with a rolling pin until broken into fine crumbs. You should end up with about 2 cups total of graham cracker crumbs.
2. Combine with Butter: Transfer the graham crackers to a bowl. Melt the butter and pour over the graham crackers. Stir until the crumbs are evenly coated and look wet. The crumbs should hold together in a clump if you press them in your fist; if not, add water a tablespoon at a time until this happens.
3. Press into a Pie Pan: Heat the oven to 375° F. Pour the crumbs into a 9-inch pie pan and press them evenly along the bottoms and sides.
4. Bake the Crust: If you are making a no-bake pie, like Ice Cream Pie, pre-bake the crust for 8 to 10 minutes until dry and fragrant. Cool completely before proceeding with the recipe. For a baked pie, like pumpkin or custard pie, fill the pie and bake according to the recipe instructions.
Additional Notes:
• In place of graham crackers, you can use ginger snaps, nilla wafers, chocolate wafer cookies, chocolate graham crackers, cinnamon grahams, or any other cookie or cracker that is dry and crumbles easily.
• This crust can also be baked in ramekins, muffin cups, cake pans, or tart pans.
• Baked crusts can be wrapped in foil and frozen for up to three months. No need to thaw before filling - the crust will be thawed and perfect by the time you set the pie on the table.


Place 3 boxes 8 oz cream cheese, 3 eggs and one yoke, 3 tablespoon flour, 1 1/2 cups sugar,1 can 15 oz pumpkin, and 1/4 cup sour cream. mix well together.

 NEXT: ADD SPICE: 1 teaspoon vanilla, 1/8 teaspoon nutmeg. 1/8 teaspoon clover and 1 teaspoon cinnamon mix in mixture.

 Add to spring pan

Bake 1 hour let rest in pan for 15 mins


Pineapple Cobbler

Please try this easy sweet and tart and light crust pineapple cobbler this weekend and make a hit with the pineapple lover in your family.
I love to uses 1 can of  Dole Pineapple Chunks because they really taste like fresh pineapple.

Pour in a pan on med heat
Add 1/2 stick butter stir in with the pineapples chunks
Add 1/2 cup sugar stirring in well Taste for your sweetness but remember the pineapple are sweet too when the cobbler cook in the oven.
Mix 1/2 cup water and 1 tablespoon corn starch together in the same way whole milk looks.
Pour just a little cornstarch water into the pan and stirring until you get a thickness not to much because it will get thick too fast and you don't want to throw it out and start over. If you want a juicy cobbler add less cornstarch water.
Add fresh lemon juice about 2 tablespoon and 2 tablespoon vanilla and blending well..taste for test.
I love a home made pie crust.- but I love to use kroger pie crust too!

Pour filling in a uncooked pie crust glass
Place the other crust on top
Bake until golden brown on 350


Banana Pudding

I don't know where I got this recipe but thank God for them who make it.It is great!!!

Banana pudding is a very simple, homey, and classic Southern dessert. There are really only two ways to make it -- the right way and the wrong way. There's no futzing with the ingredients or the preparation. Futz, and you have something different.
  • The right way: make a simple, homemade pudding on the stove top.
  • The wrong way: make instant pudding.
  • The right way: keep your pudding vanilla flavored. No squished bananas, no spices, no nothin'.
  • The wrong way: make banana flavored, or any other flavored pudding.
  • The right way: use ripe, but not overly ripe, sliced bananas
  • The wrong way: use green or overly ripe bananas that you've squished, chopped, or cooked.
  • The right way: use Nilla Wafers.
  • The wrong way: use homemade or any store bought cookie other than a Nilla Wafer.
  • The right way: alternately layer the three main components - cookies, bananas, pudding in that order. Repeat if necessary.
  • The wrong way: not getting at least one layer of bananas and cookies underneath the pudding.
Let me take you step by step:
Let me take you step by step:

1/3 cup flour

2/3 cup sugar

2 cups milk

3 egg yolks, beaten

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoons vanilla

1 package Nilla Wafers

3-5 bananas, sliced

Combine flour and sugar in a sauce pan. Gradually stir in milk. Then add egg yolks and salt.

Cook over medium heat until thickened (about 8-10 minutes, but thickening will take place almost suddenly and you will know when this occurs), 

stirring constantly (very important).Remove from heat and add vanilla.

Layer vanilla wafers

then bananas

and then one-half of the pudding in a deep dish.

Repeat until finish

 Pumpkin Pudding

Why wait on Thanksgiving season if you love the taste of Pumpkin? I love this pudding it is light and very easy to get ready for those hot summer days.It's cool and not the same old pudding. This pudding is spicy and rich and you serve it cold in the summer and hot in the winter.

15-oz. can pumpkin
1 cup condensed milk
4 t.light brown sugar
1/2 c. biscuit baking mix
2 eggs, beaten
4 T. butter, melted
2-1/2 t. pumpkin pie spice
2 t. vanilla extract
1 t. lemon extract

Garnish: whipped cream and chopped pecans

In a bowl, mix together all ingredients whipped cream and pecans . Transfer to a slow cooker that has been sprayed with non-stick vegetable spray. Cover and cook on low setting for 3-1/2 to 4 hours. Pudding will start to pull away from sides of slow cooker; test for doneness with a toothpick inserted in center. Serve cold or warm.Garnish with whipped cream and chopped pecans Makes 4 to 6 serving

 Bread Pudding

This Is the Best Bread Pudding Recipe ever.... It is based on a cafe in New Orleans so you know it's got to be good. when I tried it...I deleted the bread pudding I had for years and now this one is in my recipe box. I am giving you four sauces recipes to uses on top

1). Lemon pie filling Or instant vanilla pudding ready made

2)  Pecan-Praline Sauce

2 cups unsalted butter, cubed
1 1/2 cups chopped pecans
3 pounds light brown sugar
1 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
2 1/2 cups sour cream
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Heat 1 cup of the butter in a large saucepan until melted. Add the pecans and mix well. Bring to a boil. Cook until the pecans begin to change color. Be careful! This mixture will foam over, so use a large saucepan.

Add the remaining 1 cup butter and mix well. This will cool the pecan mixture and stop the cooking process. Remove from heat.

Combine brown sugar, whipping cream and cinnamon in a saucepan and mix well. Cook over low heat until blended, stirring constantly; increase heat. Cook to 230 degrees on a candy thermometer. Stir in pecan mixture. Add sour cream and vanilla and mix well.

3) Bourbon Sauce

1 stick butter, melted
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1 cup bourbon whiskey

In a saucepan, melt butter; add sugar and egg, whisking to blend well. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly, until mixture thickens. Whisk in bourbon to taste. Remove from heat. Whisk before serving. The sauce should be smooth.


Bread Pudding:

    1 loaf day old French bread, cut into 1-inch squares
    1 qt half and half milk
    3 eggs, lightly beaten
    2 cups sugar
    2 Tbsp vanilla
    1 cup raisins (soaked overnight in 1/4 cup bourbon) or soaked in 1/4 cup water
    1/2 cup roasted pecans
    1 teaspoon cinnamon
    6 Tbsp unsalted butter, melted

One Loaf french Bread

Cut day old french bread in cubes

Soak the bread in milk in a large mixing bowl.

 Press with hands until well mixed and all the milk is absorbed.

In a separate bowl, beat eggs, sugar, vanilla, pecans and cinnamon together. Gently stir into the bread mixture. Gently stir the raisins into the mixture.

Coat the bottom and the sides of the pan well with the butter.

Pour in the bread mix and bake at 350°F for 35-45 minutes, until set.

The pudding is done when the edges start browning and pull away from the edge of the pan.