Monday, November 24, 2014

Baked Ham With Strawberry Glaze

Baking a ham is just a ham to bake it really bake it self just pop it in the oven and just watch over it like a watching a Baby for about two hours

Buying your ham....

Buying your ham it could be uncooked it will take longer to prepared about 3 hours. pre cooked ham take less time.about 2 hours.

Cutting your Ham.........
Take a large knife and make shallow cuts, from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch deep. It isn't very important where you make these. place it in an 350 oven for 11/2 hour with foil laying on top like a hat.

when It bake without the glaze on top it will look like this... it has cook and almost done.... now  it is ready to spread the strawberry jam or jelly on top.

Spread strawberry Jam or Jelly of your choice on top of the Ham and cook another 1 hour uncover .

Cook your Ham until it look like this on top


One half ham, uncooked, bone in. ours was about 9 pounds.
Strawberry Jam or Jelly
   (Add pineapple for those who love baked pineapple just place them on the sides of the Ham)


Aluminum foil
    baking pan with a cooling rack (you want the ham up out of the fat)  using a one time use aluminum pan with a cooling rack inside and a sheet pan underneath set oven set at  350 .