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Friday, December 20, 2013

Let's Talk Ham

Easy And No Fuss....! Just Buy One... It Really Fix It Self

.Applewood Farms
Applewood Farms
Price: $35
Shipping: $17 to $55
Weight: 9 lb.
Notes: Flavor varied from ham to ham, but moist and (at its best) sweet, with fruit and brown-spice flavors. Low smoke, not very complex. Included glaze enhances flavors and balances salt.

Harry & David

Harry & David

Price: $70
Shipping: $13 to $33
Weight: 7.5 lb.
Notes: Strong smoke and light sweetness indicate a lack of balance and complexity. Dry and chewy, especially in rind. Included glaze adds complexity and balances salt.

Hickory Farms

Hickory Farms HoneyGold

Price: $76
Shipping: $10 to $35
Weight: 7 to 9 lb.
Notes: Flavor and texture varied from ham to ham. Big, ashy smoke dominates. Included glaze improves flavor and balances smokiness.

Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks

Price: $80
Shipping: $18 to $58
Weight: 7 lb.
Notes: Sweet, with brownspice, fruit, and honey flavors. Sweetness more noticeable than subtle smoke and salt. Tough, chewy rind, slight off-taste like warmed-over meat.

Smithfield Brown Sugar Cured

Smithfield Brown Sugar Cured

Price: $80
Shipping: $0 to $25
Weight: 8 to 10 lb.
Notes: Fairly flavorful but not especially sweet or complex. Ham flavor complemented by strong salt and smoke. Slightly sour. Texture varied.
Honeybaked ham
I love this Ham for the Holidays

HoneyBaked Half

Price: $74
Shipping: $16 to $36
Weight: 9 lb.